Unwrapping the penomet pump

Today I’m gonna talk about unwrapping the penomet pump.  It’s a pretty nice unit as you can see it comes in this really cool box but what’s more cool as the second side here  it can be used with water or it can be used you know with air just like the old style penis pumps. My first impression was when i open the box that it’s it looks like a very high quality unit. It’s heavy-duty polycarbonate tube is very durable it’s like I could take a lot of abuse. The Gator here which creates the suction is medical grade silicone so no it’s not it’s not trash.

It’s very very heavy duty then on the end here you have a safety valve and that’s used to release the excess pressure or at least water as you’re pumping this that water or air. So basically you just put this thing over your penis, pushdown create a seal and and get a couple pumps and to let it do its thing for around 10 minutes. Like I said you can use this most guys use this with water and it it helps develop your penis more proportionally and safely but you can use it without water you just have to put a little like KY jelly on the base here so that it seals properly. It’s kind of versatile and it does work that you can use this for obviously maximizing directions getting the most of the largest direction you possibly can and if you’re having some slight erectile dysfunction issues this is also one way to treat that without resorting to drugs. What else do I want to say about this it I’m pretty impressed it’s a nice it works well it will fit a wide variety of penis sizes the scale here goes up to 8 inches which is about this mark so if you’re you know most of us have a long ways to go before.

We’re at this mark so it’s going to fit the majority of males out there so that’s pretty much it for now I’ve tried this  a couple times. I really liked it it there was no pain or discomfort, it’s actually pretty fun to use and I  totally recommend it! It’s I think is a lot better than those old style just back you type penis pumps, a lot of those are jock tour and then they don’t enlarge you in a proportional way that this one does know the water acts as kind of a if it’s around your penis. So that when you release some of that water your your penis fills that displaced area inside of there and you know it does so you know more proportionally for lack of a better word. But  here it is just want to introduce it totally recommend it if you want to you want to pick one up you can go to the main page and order it.  There’s a couple other reviews by different guys here and here and check those out.   Everything that they’re saying is good, there’s no negative reviews and that’s not just because you’re trying to push this thing is just because that’s this is a really good really good unit . I’m not really sure if there are any authorized dealers out there other than the penomet website so buy from there directly just in case and to be 100% sure its the real deal. Also for the best deals they have you if you want to save a little bit of money you can read our full review of the Penomet pump and see the latest offers they have- current a massive $160 OFF the regular price!

Good luck to all!