Penomet vs other penis pumps

Here is my independent review on the Bathmate and the penomet pump. Those are also separate on there too so starting off though I gotta tell you though there’s not a whole lot of difference.  They do about the same thing, they’re excellent all these are excellent there’s not many devices in this male enhancement industry that work. These do OK, there’s not many i would say ninety percent are complete bullshit not only are these not bullshit but they’re excellent. Just like the penomet here i use it i recommend it and with my reputation on the line you know i can tell you that you’re gonna have a good experience if you get it.

So let’s talk about these things- I think like I said there’s not a whole lot of difference between them, they both do the same thing but the number one is the Penomet pump. Guys want to know especially, many questions  have already been asked before i even you know wrote up my review, they want to know should get the penomet and my answer is YES!  This pump is excellent it’s awesome i find it’s about the same as the Bathmate which is great too. I do suggest you get the Penomet, okay and these will apply the majority of guys however if you don’t want a Bathmate, consider getting the penomet. It’s a great pump it’s definitely wonderful . This one here supports about I believe comfortably now eight and a half inches of length and six and a half inches of girth now i’m not near eight and a half inches of length I max out about 7.5 which is big and a lot of the gains have been made in this thing on girls I’m pretty close though and that’s after the Bathmate session. That’s another thing –  if you haven’t done pumping before especially if you’ve done no male enhancement and you naturally have a big dick which would be about seven-and-a-half inches you could say seven and a girth pretty close to six.  I do recommend getting the penomet or the big Bathmate, I don’t recommend you get the Hercules if you start off in the sevens on length or anywhere near six of girth it’ll hold you just fine.

You’ll make great gains that sort of where I am I’m in the seventh in length and post Bathmate over 6 and quarter but I’m not growing much more. I started out about five and a quarter in length about 4 and three-fourths on girth and I have significantly gained over two inches length. What it comes down to is less about what these pumps will do because they’re all going to the same thing we’re going to do it really well, you’re going to get gains especially if you’re new to this very quickly as if you’re new to this but when it comes down to in my opinion is how much money you have to really spend. Don’t spend money you don’t have don’t go into debt to get a penis pump. If you want to get it as a gift to yourself you know you have the money to spend do that like don’t be like every other American who’s always got a fuckload of credit card debt. I’m serious, as great as these things are  although you could spend your money on a lot worse things you could go into debt for a lot worse things but I just if you have the money to spend then get it . I’m saying it’s arguable that if you need this or not but you have the money I was suggesting the ultimate tournament kit and that’s the one I have here with all these little gators.  They all offer different kind of pressure arm if you get the regular entry kit you only get two of these things  and this is kind of like low-pressure the lowest and this is kind of like low moderate and that’s what you get. I recommend the ultimate kit is the most money but have why i recommend that is you will never need another penis pump you will never need anything else! Because you have all five pressures and you’ll have a pump that goes up to show you on here we get that in there.

Get the ultimate kit  and you’ll never need anything else because you get the max pressure out of them. Speaking of pressure people want to know it’s perhaps the biggest question out there after you know which one do i start-up  – I recommend the pressure on these which one is better they’re equal they really are here’s why I don’t know this for sure because i don’t have the legal writing it would make sense to me after using a lot of these products for a lot of years that the producers are the manufacturers of Bathmate and the Penomet pump they want to give you as much pressure as possible you know they want you to really feel this thing is you know expanding your day can get in you gain by all means, it does so the same time the manufacturers they want to avoid lawsuits so they’re gonna give you the max pressure they can give you, knowing that you’re safe knowing that you might even miss use this thing and then say that you used it right and then someone before they know their lawsuit on your hands that would make sense i was running a penis pump company maybe one day I will i would do the same thing I would make sure that even at the most maximum pressure, fill all the way up with a full boner that you are going to still be safe.

So that’s why I think and I’ve done everything possible to get max pressure meaning going full boner going pumping it as tight as possible going as much water in here as possible and the pressure is about equal. I said ninety-eight percent between i tend to make up percentages but really ninety percent of these things they’re they’re saying about 8% same thing here are some differences ok and one advantage to the pediment and the bathmate x 30 and i will be reviewing this one separately another time this one is really good because there’s water in this cup when you fill it up from the shower you want to put it on as much water as possible. That’s where you get pressure you want as much water as possible in there so shower water is pouring in and as you see not a drop comes out! That is really good that will ensure you get the max pressure. I consider this actually a high quality problem a problem on the last one is a problem it concerns an issue because it just is more comfortable to wear when it’s not as heavy now bathmate sells a shower strap and that would take care of the problem just completely if you’re the big bathroom user I do recommend getting a shower strap. You don’t need one though because I wear this no problem the shower full pressure for water and it has no issue but slight advantage to the bathmate because these are lighter.

In the future if for some reason I’m getting water retention but as now have your full boner in it for 15-plus minutes with both of them no water retention and I think that’s that that to me is not a huge deal but some guys don’t want the water attention so you gotta go with the x30 or the penomet. Those are really the main differences, that is about it so in summary they’re both equal they really are.  Two – if you own one there’s no need to upgrade our in fact it’s not necessarily an upgrade its another pump that’s equally as excellent but not going to do anything more for you and yet if you’re starting out the ones to consider are the expensive pediment kit because you’ll never need another pump or the bathmate hercules which is more affordable and in my experience.